Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Tiny Skirty Ornament/Keychain Pattern

With this pattern you can knit adorable tiny skirties for keychains, ornaments, gift tags and more. They are great for using up scraps and they knit up fast and cute.

*At this time you may use any items you make from this pattern in any way you like, including offering them for sale. I only request that you link back to this blog to give credit for pattern use and that for every ten you sell, you donate one or the proceeds from the sale of one to the charity of your choice. Thank you!*

Tiny Skirty Ornament/Keychain Pattern

Yarn: Any will work. This is great for using up scraps. Worsted wool is my preference.
Needles: Any size, your preference for small circumference knitting {DPNs or Magic Loop}

Cast on 24 stitches. Being careful not to twist, join ends to work in the round.

Row 1-3: Work 3 rows 1x1 ribbing {knit 1, purl 1, repeat to end 3 times}
Row 4: Purl to end
Row 5-9: Knit in stockinette {knit around to end}
Row 10: Knit 12 stitches. Slip remaining 12 stitches on to stitch holder. You will now be working back and forth.
Row 11: Purl to end
Row 12: Knit 1, K2TOG {knit 2 together}, knit to three stitches before end of row, K2TOG, knit 1
Row 13: Purl 1, P2TOG {purl 2 together}, purl to three stitches before end of row, P2TOG, purl 1
Row 14: Knit 1, K2TOG, knit to three stitches before end of row, K2TOG, knit 1
Row 15: Purl 1, P2TOG, P2TOG, Purl 1
Slip remaining 4 stitches onto stitch holder. Break yarn, leaving a long tail for weaving. Transfer 12 stitches from holder onto needle. Join yarn and repeat rows 11-15 in the opposite {knit where it says to purl and purl where it says to knit}. You should end with knit and 4 stitches.
Transfer 4 stitches from holder to needle and kitchener graft together with other side to form crotch.

Pick up 24 purl stitches from row 4. Join to work in the round.
Skirt row 1-3: Knit in stockinette
Skirt row 4: KFAB to end {knit front and back
Skirt row 5-6: Knit in stockinette
Skirt row 7: KFAB to end
Skirt row 8-10: Knit in stockinette
Bind off in purl. Weave in all loose ends.

Using a tapestry needle and starting at front middle, weave a scrap of yarn through ribbing for waistband. At center back, pull through a loop and tie a knot at the bottom, close to waistband. At front, tie ends into a decorative bow.