Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn Clearance Sale

From 10/14 until 10/20 Monkey Dance is having an Autumn Sale to clear out Autumn and Halloween related merchandise. There are some cute embroidered diaper covers and a lovely owl messenger bag, all priced at 25% off!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We have a website!

I finally got all professional-like, purchased a domain with hosting and created a splash page for Monkey Dance! The new link is . Yes, it's a little plain right now, but eventually we'll get it all spiffed up.

In other news:

Come see Monkey Dance live! On Saturday, November 8th we will be co-operating a booth at the Firestenburg Community Center's 3rd Annual Holiday Bazaar in Vancouver, Washington. Admission is free with two cans of food. Come support local artisans and businesses, donate to a good cause and get some holiday shopping done all in one place!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Running Customs List

Diaper Covers for K:

10/10 ~ Fabric cut

10/11 ~ Embroidery started

10/13 ~ Done!

Dress for KT:
10/1 ~ Fabric cut
10/4 ~ Done and mailed!

Dress for EL:
10/1 ~ Fabric cut
10/2 ~ Embroidery completed
10/4 ~ Done and mailed!

Bag for CC:
9/28 ~ Fabric cut
9/30 ~ Half sewn; awaiting embroidery
10/2 ~ Embroidery completed
10/6 ~ Done; beginning wallet
10/11 ~ Wallet done!

Bag for K:
9/28 ~ Fabric cut
9/30 ~ Half sewn

10/6 ~ Done!